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All Iowa Reads

The purpose of All Iowa Reads is to encourage Iowans statewide to read and talk about a single title in the same year.

AIR logoThe purpose of All Iowa Reads is to foster a sense of unity through reading. We encourage Iowans statewide to come together in their communities to read and talk about a single title in the same year. Libraries, book clubs, schools and other local organizations are encouraged to sponsor discussions of the title. Please use this site for information as you read and study the book. We offer a wealth of materials including book reviews. discussion questions, and publicity materials to help you prepare successful discussions. Read more...

Past All Iowa Reads Selections  

2012:  "Strength in What Remains" by Tracy Kidder

2011:  "Sing Them Home" by Stephanie Kallos

2010:  "Driftless" by David Rhodes

2009 :   "The Rope Walk" by Carrie Brown

2008 :  Digging to America by Anne Tyler

2007 :  Splendid Solution:  Jonas Salk and the Conquest of Polio by Jeffrey Kluger

2006 :  Gilead by Marilynne Robinson

2005:  "The Master Butchers Singing Club" by Louise Erdrich

2004:  "Niagara Falls All Over Again" by Elizabeth McCracken

2003:  "Peace Like a River" by Leif Enger

The following are the criteria used to select the All Iowa Reads title.

The Book must:
1.    Be available in paperback, large print and unabridged audio
2.    Lend itself to in-depth discussion and raise universal social issues relevant to Iowans
3.    Be accessible to adults and high school age youth
It is desirable, but not required, that the book:
     a.    Have an Iowa or Midwest connection
     b.    Is a recent publication that has not been widely read