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Returning a Kindle E-Book early

You can actually Return the books early via the Kindle website. 
Instructions are available at this slideshow: (Thanks to Wake County Public Library)


If, however, you can’t see the slideshow, here are the basic steps:


1.     An eBook checked out on the Kindle is returned through Amazon. Go to, and from the Kindle menu on the right, select “Manage Your Kindle”.

2.     Sign in to your Amazon account.

3.     Select the “Actions” dropdown menu next to the book you want to return. (Tip: the words “public library” will appear next to any library eBooks)

4.     From the menu, select “Return this book”.

5.     Select “Yes” to return the book.

6.     After you return the book, it will still show in Your Kindle Library list. To remove it from the list, select Actions again, and from the dropdown menu select “Delete from library”.

You should then be able to check out additional books through Bridges.  There might be a short delay.