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Multi-Purpose Room Checklist

Multi-Purpose Room Checklist

Meeting Room

□      Return room to its usual arrangement.

□      Wipe and/or wash tabletops.

□      Push in chairs, wipe/wash if needed.

□      Dispose of all trash.

□      Vacuum carpeted area.

General Use

□      Be sure toilet is flushed.

□      Adjust thermostat - 65º in winter / 85º in summer.

□      Turn off lights.

□      Make sure door is locked.

Kitchenette Area

□      Please use only the consumables you bring, (coffee, paper ware, etc.)

□      Take extra food and drinks when leaving.

□      Clean coffee maker (if used).

□      Wash any dishes used.

□      Launder and return dish cloths & towels

□      Clean countertops.

□      Clean out sink.

□      Wipe out microwave (if used).

□      Place all trash in trash bags.

□      Sweep floor.