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Meeting Room Policy

Readlyn Community Library Multi-Purpose Room Policy:


The Board of Trustees of the Readlyn Community Library is aware of the need in the community for a meeting room such as exists at the Readlyn Community Library.  The Board believes that making the accommodations more fully available to the public is an additional service, which the library may render to the community under the following conditions, set by the Board.


  1. Any group, association, or individual interested in promoting cultural, educational, civic, or other activities which will not interfere with the library’s principal function and which are reasonable to the facilities and not contrary to the public interest as determined by the Board or as provided by law, are encouraged to use the multi-purpose room.
  2. Library, library related, literary, cultural, educational, and civic programs shall receive first consideration in scheduling or reservations.  Library and library-sponsored programs have priority over non-library events.  However, advance reservations will not be cancelled.
  3. The library is a smoke free building.  Smoking is not permitted in any area of the building.
  4. No alcohol or controlled substances may be possessed or consumed on the premises.
  5. The library cannot offer storage for groups using the multi-purpose rooms.  The staff must approve temporary storage.
  6. Groups are responsible for providing all supplies necessary to conduct planned activities.
  7. Any individual or group representative requesting reservation of the multi-purpose room must pay the room rental fee of $25 (if applicable) during regular library hours before the meeting time.
  8. The user will:
  • Do meeting setups and return the room to its former arrangement when finished.
  • Properly dispose of trash.
  • Wipe tables and chairs.
  • Vacuum if necessary.
  • Toilet is flushed.
  • Turn off lights and adjust thermostat when leaving.
  • Be sure door is closed completely and locked.
  • Return key as instructed.  The representative will be responsible for the cost of re-keying the locks if the key is lost or not returned.

The library reserves the right to assess a charge for cleaning if it is left undone.  The individual who made the reservation will be held responsible for the charges. Failure to abide by these rules may prevent the organization or individual from using the multi-purpose room thereafter.

  1. When adults using the multi-purpose room are accompanied by their children, those children must have adult supervision (other than library personnel) at all times.
  2. Meeting should cause no disruption of normal Library operation.
  3. Library staff may enter the multi-purpose room at any time during a scheduled meeting.
  4. The facilities may not be used for the direct sale of goods or services.  This may be waived upon request to the Director.
  5. Only non-profit groups may charge a fee or collect memberships on the library premises.
  6. The Readlyn Community Library, its Board of Trustees, or the City of Readlyn is not responsible for accidents, injury, or loss of individual property while using the multi-purpose room.
  7. No materials or property shall be moved in or attached that may damage floors, walls, woodwork, or any other library property.
  8. Refreshments or meals may be served in the multi-purpose room with the provision that room and kitchenette be left in the condition in which they were found.
  9. The Director will supervise specific rules governing the use of the multi-purpose room.
  10. A series may be scheduled if demand permits.  Library programming takes precedence.
  11. The fact that an individual or group presents a meeting or program at the library does not mean that the library endorses that policy or belief.