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Goals and Strategies

Goals and Strategies


I.                Administration and Personnel

Goal:  To maintain and further develop staff professional skills and to sustain professional relationship between staff and Board of Directors.


1.        The Director shall maintain State Certification.

2.        All staff will be supported financially to attend continuing education courses each year that will benefit the library and its patrons, and to maintain librarian’s certification.

3.        Current and new Board members will receive a copy of Iowa Library Trustee’s Handbook to read and review.

4.        Director will strive to maintain a good working relationship with the City Council and Board of Supervisors by attending meetings as necessary.

5.        The Director will schedule staff meetings on a regular basis and strive to insure timely, accurate communication of information between all library personnel.

6.        The Library staff will develop a Procedures Manual to include new technology techniques.

II.            Collection Development

Goal:  To provide materials in a variety of formats which reflect community demand, use and the library’s own spatial limitations.


1.        The collection will be expanded annually to meet the demand for new and good fiction and non-fiction books for both adults and children.

2.        The library staff will respond to the schools needs for books necessary for their “Reading Counts” Program and develop that collection.

3.        The library staff will respond to the increased demand for DVD’s by continuing to develop the collection at an accelerated rate.

4.        Staff will continue to develop the library’s software collection and database services.

5.        The library staff will respond to the increased demand for books on CD, and to continue to develop that collection.

6.        The library staff will spend sufficient time to better understand EBSCOHost and utilize it.

7.       The collection will be updated annually to meet the standards of the American Library Association, by “weeding” a portion of the collection each year.

III.    Facility

Goal:  To maintain all facilities in good repair, with consideration given to necessary improvements, safety, accessibility for the physically challenged, and an aesthetically pleasing environment for the public and staff.


1.        Regular inspection and preventive measures will be taken to insure maintenance of the structure.

2.        An annual inspection and discussion between board members, city employees and city council to determine the replacement of roof and/or shingles.

3.        Solicit bids and arrange for the painting of Multi-Purpose room & restrooms.

4.        Contact Elton Schutte to perform pest control as needed.

5.        Order and replace outdoor bulletin board panels.

6.        Establish a fund to replace furniture grouping

7.        Seek consultation on more efficient arrangement of desk/computer/shelving in office.

IV.    Fiscal
Goal:  To enable the library to fulfill its mission in a fiscally prudent manner.


1.     A justifiable annual budget will call for sufficient levels of funding from government bodies to support library programs and services.

2.     We will continue to set aside income obtained from patron made copies for the upkeep and annual support fee of the copy machine.

3.     In preparing the budget, staff and board will cite appropriate population census figures and other data.

4.     Memorial gifts of money and cash donations will be used as needed for library materials and equipment.

V.              Programs and Services

Goal:  To raise the level of library awareness while meeting the needs of local schools as well as individual patrons.


1.        To work cooperatively with the Wapsie Valley School District and Community Lutheran School to share information and resources with teachers and students.

2.        To make available the opportunity for each town elementary school class to make regular scheduled visits to the library during the school year.

3.        To schedule an annual teacher luncheon at the library in the fall for elementary teachers in Readlyn Elementary School and Community Lutheran School to meet new teachers and review services available to all teachers and students.

4.        Director and staff will utilize this website, bulletin boards, flyers, library newsletters, newspapers and other available methods of informing the public of library services.

5.        The library staff will explore new opportunities for adult and children’s programming. The Library will initiate programs, exhibits, reading programs, etc., to stimulate the use of library materials, as budget allows.

6.        The library staff will offer outreach service to potential patrons who are unable to visit the Library.

7.        The library staff will develop a formal orientation pamphlet available to all new patrons.

8.        The library will serve as a clearing house for current information on community organizations, issues, and services, including Character Counts, and participate with other agencies, such as the Readlyn Chronicle and Community Club, in planning programs or publicizing information on community issues.

VI.    Technology
Goal:  Provide, maintain, and improve an adequate level of technology services and support systems for our library patrons.


1.      Offer and provide technology education to library staff.

2.     Review our system annually and add internet work stations if necessary to meet patron demands.  Replace and/or upgrade at least one computer annually on a rotating schedule.

3.      Continue to provide Wireless technology.

4.     Educate our community on technology available, by offering one-on-one internet and e-mail instruction.

5.     Create, update and maintain library web site through the State Library’s P.L.O.W. project.

6.     Staff will continue to expand use of digital photography for library reporting and promotion.

7.     Director will keep a current copy of our technology plan on file at the State Library and complete all necessary paperwork in order to be eligible for discounts on telecommunications bills (e-rate)

8.     The library will look into providing color copying and scanning to the public.