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Roles, Goals and Ojectives

The library's role in the community as well as our goals and objectives, including general, long-range and short-range goals as set by the Board of Trustees.

Library Roles

The roles of the library are constantly changing and we have identified the following roles to carry out its mission.
• What the library is trying to do
• Whom the library is trying to serve
• What resources the library needs to achieve these ends

1-As a popular materials center
The library features current, high demand, high interest materials in a variety of formats for persons of all ages.
The library promotes and encourages the use of its collection.

2-As a mean of access to Life-long Learning
The library encourages young children to develop an interest in reading and learning through services for children.
The library assists students of all ages in meeting educational objectives established during their formal courses of study.
The library supports individuals of all ages pursuing a sustained program of learning, independent of any educational provider.
The library promotes reading readiness from infancy, providing services for self-enrichment and for discovering the pleasures of reading and learning.
The library will provide a wide range of materials and formats for children and adults concerned with children.

3-As a service-oriented information provider
The library promotes on-site, online and telephone reference/information services to aid users in locating needed information.
The library participates in InterLibrary loan and cooperative reference services to meet patrons’ needs for information not readily available.

4-As a Community Activities Center
The library is a central focus point for community activities, meetings, and services.

5-As a community information center
The library is a clearinghouse for current information on community organizations, issues, and services.
The library participates in community referral networks, and may have a calendar of community events.


1.   To serve all the members of the community by assembling and managing a collection of books and other materials, which will promote education, provide recreation, stimulate communication of ideas, and enrich the lives of those served.
 2.  To serve the community as a center of reliable information, providing assistance  to those gathering materials and facts within the library and referring individuals and organizations to other resources when necessary.
 3.  To attempt to identify community needs, to provide materials and programs to meet those needs, and to cooperate with other agencies and organizations, which serve the community as a whole.
 4.  To provide facilities to house the library that are of an appropriate size and nature, and that enhance the general appearance of the community.


1. To secure adequate funding for the Readlyn Community Library to provide and maintain a desired level of library service and development.
2. Continue to encourage gifts and endowments to the Readlyn Community Library.
3. Continue to work toward improvements of building and grounds.
4. Ensure adequate levels of staffing, and upgrade personnel through training and education to professionally acceptable levels of skill.
5. Continuously improve collections to meet the immediate needs of the community and to provide a solid foundation for future development.
6. Continue to expand computer applications to meet the needs of the library and community.
7. Strengthen the visibility of the library by informing the community of services provided by the library and of special library needs.