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Iowa Code for Library Boards

Iowa Code 392.5  Library board.

A city library board of trustees functioning on the effective date of the city code shall continue to function in the same manner until altered or discontinued as provided in this section.

In order for the board to function in the same manner, the council shall retain all applicable ordinances, and shall adopt as ordinances all applicable state statutes repealed by 1972 Iowa Acts, chapter 1088.

A library board may accept and control the expenditure of all gifts, devises, and bequests to the library.

A proposal to alter the composition, manner of selection, or charge of a library board, or to replace it with an alternate form of administrative agency, is subject to the approval of the voters of the city.

The proposal may be submitted to the voters at any city election by the council on its own motion. Upon receipt of a valid petition as defined in section 362.4, requesting that a proposal be submitted to the voters, the council shall submit the proposal at the next regular city election. A proposal submitted to the voters must describe with reasonable detail the action proposed.

If a majority of those voting approves the proposal, the city may proceed as proposed.

If a majority of those voting does not approve the proposal, the same or a similar proposal may not be submitted to the voters of the city for at least four years from the date of the election at which the proposal was defeated.

Section History: Early form

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Section History: Recent form

  2001 Acts, ch 24, §49