Computer and Internet Policy

Policy listing the rules for using library computers and our Internet and wireless (wi-fi) connection.

The purpose of maintaining public access to computers, the World Wide Web, and other Internet tools is to augment the library’s collection in order to support the community’s informational needs and cultural and leisure activities.

Relationship to Other Library Policies
All other library policies apply to computer use, including but not limited to patron behavior policies.

Disclaimer for Users of the Internet at the Library
The library cannot control or monitor information accessed through the Internet and does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of its content.

The library reserves the right to terminate Internet access privileges of any person who does not follow its policies and guidelines.  Unacceptable use includes, but is not limited to:

1. Destruction of or damage to equipment, software, or data belonging to the library or to other users, including violation of computer system security and/or system configuration.  Users can not install their own software, or alter or attach equipment to the library’s hardware.

2. Using the Internet for any illegal activity or for other activities such as harassment or distribution of unsolicited messages.  All users must obey copyright law and adhere to software licensing agreements.

3. Disrupting the use of workstations by other patrons, violating another user’s right to privacy, or the use of sounds and visuals that might be disruptive to others or display of text or graphics that reasonably may be construed as indecent or obscene.  If the use of a computer becomes disruptive or inappropriate for a library setting, the library reserves the right to end the session at any time.
Violations of this policy may result in loss of computer privileges and may lead to financial responsibility.  Illegal acts involving library computers may be subject to prosecution by local, state or federal authorities.  It is against Iowa law to download or provide child pornography, or to display pornography where it may be seen by children.  (Iowa Code, Chapter 728.2).

Patron Assistance and Instruction
Library staff may be able to help with basic computer use, but we cannot provide information on the use of each software program and may not be able to help patrons with specific problems in given programs.
The library shall not be liable for handling patrons’ computers. Patrons must understand how to configure their own computers in order to access the library’s wireless service.

Children’s Internet Use
Children under the age of 18 must have parental permission on file to use library computers.  It is assumed that persons under 18 using wireless access to the Internet have parental permission by virtue of their possessing a wireless device.
Material is available on the Internet that parents may feel is inappropriate for their children.  Guardians of minor children must assume responsibility for their children’s use of the Internet.  The library does not act in place or in absence of a guardian and is not responsible for enforcing any restrictions which a guardian may place on a minor’s use of this resource.  Parents are encouraged to supervise their children’s Internet sessions.

Wireless Internet Access (Wi-Fi)
All users of the library’s wireless access to the Internet must abide by this policy.  The library shall not be liable for any risk taken by the patron who chooses to connect their own device to the library’s wireless service.

Responsibilities of Users
Users of the Readlyn Community Library’s computers and wireless service are required to read and abide by the provisions of this policy including the "Rules Governing Public Use of the Computers" listed below.

Rules Governing Use of Public Computers
Patrons with less than $10 in fines and no overdue materials may reserve computer time via phone or at an open computer.  Reserved time slots will be held for five minutes past the reserved starting time, after which computer time will be forfeited.  Patrons must be prepared to turn the computer over promptly at any time.

Patrons are limited to two hours on all computers. If no one is waiting, additional time is unlimited.
The workstations can be limited to two users at a time, except for special circumstances such as parental supervision of children’s use and approved tutoring sessions.

Patrons who wish to print can purchase and retrieve print-outs at the Circulation Desk. Black and white prints are $.10/ea. Color prints are .50/ea.  To print from the wireless network you can download a print driver (ask the librarian for instructions) or you can save your documents to an email account or USB drive and print them from our wired stations.

The library’s Internet connection and wireless service may be used only for lawful purposes.  Internet users agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Readlyn Community  Library from any claims resulting from their use of the service, which damaged the user or another party.

The library is not responsible for lost data and does not guarantee any supplied program. Users will be held financially responsible for any damage or alteration to equipment or software. Misuse of any equipment, or failure to follow any of these guidelines, including failure to abide by time limits, will result in a loss of Internet privileges